Therapeutic Modalities:

Integrative Body Psychotherapy

The IBP approach to therapy has changed my life and those of many of my clients. Coming from an academic background, I begin to work with clients from a thinking place — understanding the individual and relationship pieces while adding on emotional and physical layers as the client experiences the process of IBP therapy — a mixture of “talk ” and  “gut” level techniques* in combination with breath and movement**. IBP therapy is very efficient and deep, clearing the path for spiritual development.

*”talk” from a psychodynamic or object relations theoretical framework and “gut” from gestalt therapy;  ** much like yoga

Couples/Sex Therapy

I help couples who are frustrated from having the same arguments over and over without getting anywhere to dig down to what they are really trying to say so they can feel closer and, hopefully, have great sex! Unlike many therapists who specialize in sex therapy, I was a researcher and lecturer in hormones and sexual behavior for fifteen years before becoming a therapist, Then I invested another four years of training in Integrative Body Psychotherapy specifically to be very grounded in my approach to human sexuality, working with the whole person (and couple) not just the genitals.

Harmonious familyFamily (Child) Therapy

Before I became the mother of a toddler, I worked more with children. Now I find that my schedule needs to work around him so I’m mostly able to see preschool age children within the context of their families (always the best way to see them). Working with multiple members of the same family provides layers and richness to therapy. When appropriate, it can be a very rewarding way to work for all involved!

Bikram Yoga Pose


Spiritual Therapy

Although it has been part of my personal journey, it was somewhat of a surprise that the IBP somatic training also brought spirituality into my therapy practice rather strongly. I do not advocate any particular spiritual path. It is simply a fact that cleaning out the psychological and somatic clutter from our lives and becoming very grounded and present in the body just opens the doorway to a deeper spiritual practice. It’s a sort of wonderful byproduct of the IBP work — a primary goal for some clients and an unexpected bonus for others.

Sandtray figures

Sandtray figures

Sandtray Therapy

Sandtray involves making a “scene” in a tray partially filled with sand (in my case, finely ground white granite) using miniature figures, stones, and various items. The goal is not to use your intellect to create a preconceived image but rather to let your “gut” choose the items and “dream” the scene for you. This technique is often used with children, but can be very profound for adults when they allow themselves to access deeper levels of emotion and nonverbal “knowing” — a doorway to the unconscious. Each tray evokes a particular feeling state (much as a work of art might do) … no matter how simple the tray might be …

A mini sandtray.

A mini sandtray.

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